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Another great production!

Joan Scheller lives with the great love of her life, Sandy.  In an effort to hide their relationship from her overbearing sister-in-law, the former movie star Olivia St. Claire, she introduces him as her psychiatrist.  One little white lie leads to another.  Before long, Vinny the Enforcer, a quintessential Italian mobster masquerades as her security guard, while her son, Chris, is forced  to wear a dress and become her daughter Christina.  Further complications occur when her new neighbor Rachael creates chaos and confusion in wherever she goes.  Little white lies, misguided advice -  

        But what about love?  


An incredible night out for everyone who enjoys a great meal, fabulous entertainment and

lots of laughs! 


A perfect team building event for your staff ! 

​Great venue, food and entertainment ~ and we do all the planning so you can relax and enjoy the evening!


Get your tickets today!

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